Was zu tun ist, wenn Ihr Unternehmen

Was zu tun ist, wenn Ihr Unternehmen

No panic. There are a few very simple things you can and should do.

You have a receptionist or security guard guarding the front door, an alarm system at night, antivirus software protecting your computers, and a firewall protecting your servers. It’s all good except for one thing. You have just sent your employees to work from home. You must not allow your business information, including some data with compliance requirements that must be protected, to be exposed on the Internet. Don’t expose your business, employees or customers to internet pirates and scammers or worse. If you suddenly find yourself in this position, you should give your employees these basic tools so that they can work from home safely.

We live in a time where the risk to our confidential information is increasing every day. The need to protect digital communications places an enormous burden on an organization and requires constant diligence to mitigate these ever-evolving risks. During a black swan event like the spread of COVID-19, where you are forced to make a critical decision, eg For example, sending your employees home with just a few days notice, it’s important that you don’t back down. Using a secure encrypted email application is the foremost risk avoidance for your business.

Email encryption is a must

You need an application that your entire team can use securely, easily, and affordably. They don’t have time for extensive training or to find out at home who has what skills. You need a product that is easy to install, easy to use and highly flexible, including a compatible mobile app. If you send secure e-mail to customers, suppliers or other people outside your company, you need an application that allows you to send encrypted e-mail to recipients, to buy the application and receive a secure e-mail.

Check out Protected Trust’s Send_It_Secure. Your free trial will be extended to 30 days during this crisis with no further financial commitment required. Group rates are available if you decide to continue usage in the future.

team communication

Communicating with your team of employees in the simplest and most transparent way possible will help keep your team focused and motivated, even when working remotely. There are several products on the market that enable text messaging and group chats, video conferencing, scheduling and running online team meetings, and collaborating and sharing files. To keep things as simple as possible for employees just adjusting to remote work, combining these features into a single, easy-to-use application will eliminate many headaches and get your team back to work quickly. The Microsoft Teams application is a good way to achieve this. There are some minimal upfront payments, but they are small,

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